What is whatevs short for?


"Whatevs" is a variation of "watevs" and another way of saying "whatever." People may use it for various reasons, including communicating that they don't care about something or agree with what other people think.

People (mostly young adults and teenagers) often say "whatevs" out loud, but they also text it, message it online, and post it on social media. Some other variations of "whatever" include "weva," "we," "watev," and "wtv."

There are many interpretations for what "whatevs" means when hearing or receiving it, so it's essential to know the context in which it is used. For example, if it is during an argument, the person using it is probably tired of fighting and wants to move on. Or, if someone uses it when asked what they want to eat tonight, they are probably just conveying that they are OK with eating whatever.


He thought I made the wrong decision...whatevs

When you just gotta say "whatevs!"

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Updated October 18, 2021

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