What is watevs short for?


"Watevs" is an alternate spelling of "whatevs" that is a slang way of saying "whatever." Most people use it when they want to respond neither positively nor negatively or that they are "cool" with whatever.

Many people say it out loud, but they also send it when messaging online, posting on social media, and texting. Other variations of "whatever," include "watev," "weva," "we," and "wtv."

The term is most popular among lethargic people (like teenagers), indecisive people, and super laid-back people. However, people may also use it when giving up on an argument as a way to "wash their hands" of it and move on.


watevs man, u can think what u want, but I disagree

That dismissive watevs reaction

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Updated October 18, 2021

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