What is Whamageddon?

The challenge to not hear Last Christmas

Whamageddon is a Christmas challenge where a person tries not to hear the song "Last Christmas" by Wham! from December 1 to 24. The name comes from the combination of "Wham!" and "armageddon," with its challenge deriving from the song's immense popularity during Christmastime.

While the game does seem straightforward, it does include some rules:

  1. Go as long as possible without hearing the song.
  2. Starts on December 1 and lasts until the end of December 24.
  3. Only the original version of the song counts.
  4. You are eliminated once you recognize the song.
  5. It is a survival challenge, not a battle royale.

Even if you aren't participating in Whamageddon, you may still encounter the term, especially on social media. For example, a Redditor may post, "Whamageddon got me in just 2 days. :/" Or, a person might share, "I was taken out by my own playlist! #Whamageddon" on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Origin of Whamageddon

It is unclear who first coined the "Whamageddon" term, but various sources trace its origins back to the "GTPlanet vs. Wham! - Last Christmas" post on the GTPlanet online racing forum in 2010. Whamageddon then gained traction in the mid-2010s, especially in the United Kingdom, with various social media groups formalizing it with parameters and launching the official Whamageddon.com website.


omg, I was so close. I accidentally turned on the radio in the car while driving and got whammed
whamageddon is undefeated!
Whamageddon post on Reddit
Whamageddon post on Reddit

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Updated December 20, 2023

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