Holiday Orphan

What is a holiday orphan?

A person with nowhere to go on a holiday

A holiday orphan is someone who has no gathering to attend for a holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. They may have no family, are estranged from family, or live far away from family and cannot travel back for the gathering.

Being a holiday orphan is a lonely experience. Not only are you alone, but you are also unable to celebrate a holiday that focuses on not being alone.

Because of a holiday orphan's isolation, they sometimes do drastic things to connect with others and get "adopted" into someone else's gathering. For example, they may ask a friend what they are doing for the holiday and express that they have no plans in the most depressing way possible to squeeze out a pity invite. Or, they may band together with friends and create their own holiday gathering, a la Friendsgiving.


What are you doing for the 4th of July?
Going to my family's cabin. WBU?
Nothing, just gonna watch TV alone ... as a holiday orphan...
.... You wanna come to my cabin?

Being a holiday orphan on Christmas is the worst

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Updated November 23, 2022

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