Wife Guy

What is a wife guy?

A social media user who constantly discusses his wife

A wife guy is a social media user who constantly posts about his wife. Most often, wife guys praise their wives and celebrate their achievements.

The stereotypical wife guy posts more about his wife than about himself. He may share his wife's opinions, activities, choices, and other details of her life. Typically, the wife guy expresses support for anything and everything his wife does. He also talks about how attractive his wife is.

What is the origin of wife guy?

Instagrammer Robbie Tripp is the original wife guy. In 2017, Tripp praised his wife for being both curvy and attractive. Somehow, Tripp's post went viral, drawing the attention of BuzzFeed.

In the aftermath of his viral post, Tripp became known as curvy wife guy. Since then, other social media users who regularly post about their wives have also been referred to as wife guys.


Ben's account is slowly becoming a wife guy account. All he talks about is Claire
TMW you've found a wife guy
TMW you've found a wife guy

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Updated November 2, 2021

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