What is a himbo?

A naive, musclebound male

A himbo is an attractive, muscular man who is not very bright. Unlike bimbos and mimbos, however, himbos are usually not distressingly shallow or unintelligent. Himbos are naive and oblivious, but their optimism and emotional intelligence is almost as attractive as their physiques.

While the term himbo has been in use since 1988, Twitter users popularized the term and cemented its current connotations in 2020. In true Twitter fashion, they also gave examples of their favorite fictional himbos. Marvel's Thor, Disney's Kronk and Hercules, and Dragonball Z's Goku are often cited as examples of fictional himbos.


I'm so tired of complicated drama. I just want a nice, beefy himbo to netflix and chill with through the winter

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Updated January 25, 2021

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