What does it mean when a project is WIP?

Work in progress

WIP is an acronym that stands for "Work in progress." It is commonly used by creators of projects that are not yet finished, such as a piece of software, painting, video, essay, or building design.

The acronym functions as a disclaimer to let people know that what they are experiencing is still being worked on. This is common when the creator is looking for feedback from a fresh pair of eyes (AFPOE), such as an artist who is sculpting artwork or a web designer making a website for a client.

You may see it in real life in various ways like written on a note attached to a drawing. Or you may see it digitally like in an email with a design attached or in a description about source code uploaded to a repository.


Can you give me feedback on my code? It's WIP

When it's a WIP but you're still nervous about the feedback

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Updated March 26, 2020

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