What does WSG stand for on social media?

What's good

On TikTok, Snapchat, and other social media platforms, the acronym WSG means "what's good." "What's good" is a common American greeting, often used among millennials and zoomers.

What does "what's good" mean?

Just like "what's up" (WU, sup) and "how are you" (HRU), "what's good" is most often used to ask someone what they are doing and/or how they feel. For example, someone who wants to know what their friend is up to may send the message "WSG brah."

Unlike "what's up" and "how are you," however, "what's good" can have an alternative meaning. People who are discussing a restaurant's menu may use "what's good" to ask which of the restaurant's menu items are worth ordering. In this case, WSG means something like "What food is good at this restaurant?"


WSG WSG it's Friday afternoon! Almost time to hit the beach!

T-Pain knows WSG

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Updated July 16, 2021

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