What people does wypipo refer to?

White people

Wypipo (pronounced "why-pee-po") is an abbreviation for "White people" that BIPOC or woke people sometimes use when commenting on actions by Caucasians, typically perceived racism. It is considered AAVE and became popular in the mid-2010s on social media, especially among Black Twitter users.

While people often use it to call out perceived racist acts or beliefs, non-White people may also use wypipo when commenting on things they find unique about White people. For example, a Black Twitter user may say, "I love wypipo, but they put too much ranch in their crockpot recipes."

Since many people use wypipo to group all White people together, some may find the term derogatory and offensive. Remember that if you use it.


Man, all these wypipo are mad about Black Ariel
Tru dat. I'm excited about the movie
Wypipo tweet
Wypipo tweet

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Updated July 19, 2019

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