Yard Sale

What is a yard sale in skiing and snowboarding?

A bad crash

A yard sale in skiing and snowboarding is when a person has a bad crash and their poles, skis, mittens, hat, and other accessories scatter on the ground, appearing similar to an actual yard sale. Yard sales are typically dangerous because skiers and snowboarders need to be traveling at high speeds for their poles and skis to become detached from their bodies.

The origins of yard sale are unclear, but it gained popularity in the professional skiing and snowboarding communities in the early-2000s. Mostly skiers and snowboarders use the word, along with announcers covering the Winter Olympics, X-games, and World Championships.

You might also encounter yard sale in other sports or in everyday life. For example, a person leaving for work may trip and send their keys, coffee, and briefcase/purse flying, scattering on the ground and looking like a yard sale.


Mikaela Shiffrin just did a full yard sale on her qualifying run. It looks like she's OK, though

Yard sale off a jump

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Updated February 1, 2022

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