What does yarr mean?

Angry pirate sound

Yarr is an exclamation old-timey pirates used to convey their emotional state (usually, angry). These days, gamers and other online chat users use "Yarr!" to sound like a pirate in chat, especially during intense situations.

For example, a LoL player who is about to charge mid may type "YARR, me mateys!!" as they do so. As another example, someone you're chatting with may use yarr to express agreement.

While yarr is often used to agree with someone, it most definitely does not always imply agreement. An all-caps YARR can just as easily mean "no" as "yes," depending on the context in which it was deployed.


Yarr, it be Taco Tuesday again!

A very defeated yarr

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Updated March 16, 2021

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