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1. What is vm short for?


When someone asks whether you got their VM, they are asking whether you received and listened to their "voicemail." This acronym is most often used in text and email messages, by those who left a voicemail message on your cell phone.

For example, if your boss tried to call you and could not get a hold of you, they may have left a VM message. They may have followed that message up with an email asking where the heck you are, and why they had to leave a VM on your phone.


Hey, did u get my vm about the plans for 2nite?

TMW you're screened to VM

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Updated July 27, 2021
2. What does VM stand for?

Virtual machine

VM stands for "Virtual machine," which is software that emulates a computer system and is run on a separate "host" computer system. Software developers often utilize VMs to test programs in multiple operating system (OS) states on one physical computer.

A VM performs much of the same functionality as a physical machine but instead of running directly on the hardware of the computer, it is controlled by a virtualization application. Some examples of virtualization software include Parallels Desktop and VMware Workstation Pro.

One example of VM usage is a software developer who needs to test out the performance of his application in different versions of Windows. He can install and save various versions of Windows, like XP, 7, 8, and 10 on different VMs and install and run in his application.

Another example is when a Mac user needs to run software that only runs in Windows. She can install the Windows OS in a VM in macOS, then run the Windows-only program in a VM through an application window. And if anything becomes corrupt in the VM, she can easily reset the VM without affecting her computer.


Can you contact the IT specialist? Hopefully he can replicate the same issue you experienced in his VM
Screenshot of a VM running in Parallels Desktop for Mac 15
Screenshot of a VM running in Parallels Desktop for Mac 15

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Updated October 5, 2020

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