What is YIM?

Yahoo! Instant Messenger

Yahoo! Instant Messenger (YIM) was an Internet chat client launched in 1998 that shut down in 2012. It was similar to the more popular AIM client, and offered messaging, chatroom, and file transfer features.

YIM went through several name changes throughout its lifespan. The first version released in 1998 was named "Yahoo! Pager," with the "Yahoo! Chat" chatroom feature. It was then eventually renamed "Yahoo! Messenger " and referred to as "Yahoo! Instant Messenger" (YIM).

Most people that use YIM are millenials that actually used the messaging service in the 1990s and 2000s. When they do use it, it will probably be in the context of strolling down memory lane.


I have accounts for AIM, ICQ, YIM, and MSN
YIM screenshot
YIM screenshot

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Updated July 20, 2021

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