What does YOOW stand for in messages?

You're out of work

YOOW is just one of many ways to tell someone they are unemployed, along with, "you're fired," "we're letting you go," and "gather your belongings; security will see you out." While some of these are pretty harsh, people typically send YOOW in jest, like when you retire or are looking for a different job.

You will most likely encounter YOOW in texts or when messaging online. While people often send it concerning someone's day job, they may also send it to others performing helpful tasks when gaming, answering forum questions, etc.

In rare cases, some cruel, out-of-touch employers may message YOOW to you to tell you that you've been fired. In this case, you can respond with a "UY!" Or something to that effect.


With the new automated computer system the company is installing, it looks like yoow!

Being out of work can be tough...

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Updated May 16, 2022

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