You Betcha

What does you betcha mean?


You betcha (pronounced "you bet-chuh") is a saying common among Upper Midwesterners (especially Minnesotans) for answering in the affirmative. For example, if your friend asks you if you like Prince's music, you can reply, "You betcha!"

While you will most likely hear the phrase in person, people may also use it when messaging and online (they may spell it as "ubetcha") to say "for sure" or "absolutely." For example, your friend might ask you if you want to come over for dinner, and you reply, "You betcha!"

Origin of you betcha

The slang term "you betcha" originates from the regional dialect employed by Americans in the Upper Midwest. Some believe it comes from the "you bet your (life, rear, house, etc.)" saying people utter when emphatically answering "yes." But in this context, "you bet your" is combined into "you betcha," much like "don't you know" is combined into dontcha know.


We're going up north the first weekend of next month. You wanna come?
You betcha!

Do you love Antiques Roadshow? You betcha!

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Updated April 19, 2023

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