What does yuge mean?


Yuge is a variation of "huge" but with a silent "h" that emphasizes the "u" (think "yooge"). You might see it on social media, in messages, and hear it in person.

Many people associate the word with Donald Trump, as he uttered it numerous times during his 2016 presidential campaign and subsequent presidency. Trump's opponent, Bernie Sanders, who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, also heavily used it. Depending on the person's political affiliation, people may use it mockingly.

However, people typically use yuge the same way as huge. Some also use it to describe things one step above huge, like gigantic. For example, if an elevated pick-up truck is huge, a monster truck would be yuge.


This movie is going to break box office records
It's going to be yuge!
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are yuge fans of "yuge"
Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are yuge fans of "yuge"

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Updated March 7, 2023

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