Yuck Your Yum

What does yuck your yum mean?

Criticize something you like

To yuck someone's yum means to disparage something they enjoy. Most often, people say this phrase as yuck your yum or yuck my yum, when talking about disparaging remarks they've made or received.

While the words yuck and yum are most commonly associated with food, yuck your yum can be used to describe critical remarks made about any item or activity someone enjoys. For example, a friend who is questioning your taste in video games may send you "I don't mean to yuck your yum, but isn't LoL full of trolls? How can you enjoy playing that?" Or, a friend who doesn't understand your Twilight obsession may send you, "Lemme know if I'm yucking your yum here, but sparkle vampires? Really??? How do they explain that?"


Don't yuck my yum; mayo is great on burgers
A use of yuck your yum on Twitter
A use of yuck your yum on Twitter

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Updated March 31, 2022

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