Top Three Back-to-School (BTS) Tips

How to become an academic weapon this school year

Summer's end means it's time for students to head BTS - or "back to school." For some students, a new school year is an opportunity to refresh their focus, roll up their sleeves, and become the unstoppable academic weapon they've always hoped to be.

If you're looking for advice to help you ace this school year, we've got a few simple tips that will help you out. These tips are, of course, sprinkled with school-related slang terms - because a) this is a slang website and b) discussing school can actually be fun. (We promise.)

1. Don't cut class

While it may be tempting to skip a class every now and then, to sleep in or do something more exciting, cutting class is one of the surest ways to hamstring your academic efforts. Attendance usually correlates with achievement, and more importantly, you'll often learn far more from discussing your readings and coursework with others than you would just completing them alone. So, if you really want to learn something this school year, you'll want to attend every class you can.

(Also, some classes give pop quizzes and count those toward your final grade. Miss just one of those, and it could lower your grade by a whole letter. Ask me how I know.)

2. Schedule time to hit the books

Real swots don't cram or pull all-nighters. (Or at least, they do so rarely.) Instead, they set aside scheduled time to hit the books and complete their hmwk each day. Creating and sticking to a study schedule ensures you have time to complete your coursework, and it will help you develop time-management skills that will serve you well outside school.

If you find that you can't develop and stick to a schedule, you may want to review your course load, to see if you've taken on more than you should. (If so, you may end up needing to drop a class.) You may also want to find a study buddy or two, who can help you stick to your schedule.

Schedule time to hit the books

3. Keep your body and mind sharp

If your body is out of shape or run down, your mind will be too. That's why many schools and researchers recommend students engage in daily exercise and get a healthy amount of sleep each evening. (If you've just started college, doing these two things can help you stave off the dreaded freshman 15).

And of course, all work and no play does make for a dull school experience. So, be sure to participate in some extracurricular activities that speak to you, like a sports team or hobby club. Doing so will not only make your school life more exciting, but also teach you things you just can't learn in class.