Study Buddy

What is a study buddy?

A friend that a student studies with

A study buddy is a friend whom a student meets up with to study. Typically, study buddies schedule a regular time to do homework and prep for tests together. These meetings often take place in a library, cafe, or other study-appropriate setting.

If a student and their study buddy are in the same classes, they usually assist each other in understanding the classes' reading and completing the classes' hmwk. However, some students have study buddies who are not in the same classes as them. These study buddies use each other as academic motivation - with their meet-ups serving as an incentive to study.


OMG, I really need a study buddy to help me understand Psych 201
... is this you asking me to help you study?
If you'll do it then yes, absolutely

TMW you and your study buddies are all stumped

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Updated September 7, 2023

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