1. What does ace mean when gaming?

Solo winner

Ace is a term used in multiplayer gaming to refer to a single player that kills all enemy players by himself. It is often used in first-person shooters (FPS) such as Call of Duty and Halo.


I just aced the other team on the Berlin Wall map!
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Ace means solo winner

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Updated April 3, 2017
2. What is an ace in golf?

Hole in one

In golf, an ace is a hole-in-one, a shot hit from the tee that makes it into the hole. Aces are a rare feat in golf, considering that tees are usually several hundred yards away from the hole.

Occasionally aces are achieved in major tournament play, and contests are even held with grand prizes to see who can record an ace. It's tradition for the person who hit the hole in one to buy a round of drinks for everyone back at the clubhouse.


He hit an ace on the 4th hole so he bought everyone drinks at the nineteenth hole.

Reaction after sinking an ace

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Updated January 12, 2022
3. What does ace mean?


Ace means "Asexual," which is when a person experiences little to no sexual desire or attraction toward others. It is typically used to label a person's sexual orientation.

The term was coined in the mid-2000s but did not become popular until the mid-2010s as more "alternative" communities formed online and gained exposure. Ace can be considered an abbreviation since it comes from the phonetic pronunciation first three letters of "Asexual."

A person who identifies as an "ace" still desires intimate and sometimes romantic relationships with people, but just does not want to be sexually engaged with them. Aces fall on a spectrum since there are many variations of asexual behavior among the Ace community.


Jon broke up with Lisa cause she came out as an Ace.

Ace flag

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Updated October 7, 2020
4. What does Ace stand for?

Best starting pitcher

A baseball term that refers to a team's best starting pitcher.

Each MLB team aims to have an ace that they can go to when they need a good pitching performance. An ace is a starting pitcher who starts the game and is meant to pitch at least 5 innings to help his team win the game. If a pitcher can't finish the game, he is replaced by a relief pitcher. A very good ace is necessary in order to have any success in the postseason.


Our team has no clear ace not because we r that good but because we r that bad!

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Updated October 8, 2014

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