How Elon Musk's "X" Will Change Our Twitter Vocabulary

X replacing Twitter

This past weekend, Twitter officially became "X," a seismic change generating far-reaching ripples across the social spheres. The pivot has ruffled the feathers of some users and prompted many questions about the platform's direction.

But for us here at, the first and foremost question is: What happens to the vocabulary the Twitter community has built over the last 17 years? Terms like tweet and retweet have become part of the public lexicon and are essential to the platform's functionality. Are they destined to be scrapped as well? Plus, Twitter vocabulary goes beyond tweets and retweets. As the community has grown throughout the years, users have creatively coined many new terms, including:

(You can find even more in our Twitter slang category.)

The future of Twitter vocabulary appears to be ... unclear.

As of now, X (formerly known as Twitter) support pages (like this help article) still reference terms like tweets as official terminology. (Though those pages appear to be getting updated in piecemeal fashion.) However, Musk has hinted that tweets could become "Xs," indicating that Twitter vocabulary may evolve. But judging from previous Twitter updates under Musk, his plans are typically subject to change as a "work in progress" (WIP) and must be taken with a grain of salt.

X user questioning what we should call "tweets" now

Perhaps the vocabulary will live on as users remain loyal to the Twitter brand. Maybe users who have heavily criticized Musk for changing their beloved platform will resist the X takeover by keeping the Twitter terms alive as a final stand.

The transition to X may also lead to new meanings for established terms instead of entirely new terms. After all, when Musk introduced a subscription option, he incorporated blue checks, which, instead of creating something completely new, vastly overhauled what it meant to be "blue-checked."

Or, this may be the end of the line for all terms Twitter-related. As Musk has stated, "Xs" may become a thing, and we'll be "Xing" and "reXing" this time next year (that just doesn't sound right, though).

So, as the Twitter name goes the way of the Dodo bird, the future of Twitter vocabulary remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: will be here to help you navigate it all.