Retweet Offender

What is a retweet offender on Twitter?

A person who constantly retweets on Twitter

A retweet offender is a person guilty of constantly retweeting on Twitter, often to the chagrin of their followers. It is a play on the "repeat offender" that refers to people who have committed the same crime multiple times.

A retweet offender may be passionate about a subject and retweet a series of tweets they think will be informative to their followers or things they generally approve of or like. However, followers may find the retweet offender annoying since they repeatedly fill up feeds with retweets of other users' tweets. To combat retweet offenders, followers may take breaks by temporarily muting, blocking, or unfollowing them altogether.


I realized after about a day of following Joe that he was a retweet offender, so I unfollowed him right away
That's a good choice. He's always retweeting crypto experts
Retweet offenders may receive up to 6 months of unfollow time
Retweet offenders may receive up to 6 months of unfollow time

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Updated May 1, 2023

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