What does 303 mean?


303 is a code name for "mom" typically used by teenagers to refer secretly to their moms when chatting online or texting.

The code's origins are unclear, but some believe that the 3 was used for "m" because it looks like the letter when flipped on its side. And the 0 obviously resembles an "o."

303 is most helpful when a teenager needs to talk about her mom and knows that her mom will most likely see the communication. In this case, her mom may be near her physically or monitoring her through some surveillance app.

Some instances in which the teen would use the code name include planning a party that her mom would not approve of or sneaking out of the house past curfew. Or, in a perfect world, the teen may be getting a birthday gift for her mom and doesn't want to tip her off.


CTRN, 303 is present

303 is a much more discreet way to refer to mom

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Updated December 30, 2020

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