What is a 50/50 in Among Us?

Simultaneously killing an accuser and their accused

In Among Us, a 50/50 is a situation in which the Crewmates decide to kill two players simultaneously, one of whom is accusing the other of being an Imposter. 50/50s occur when one Crewmate sees an Imposter perform a kill, with no other witnesses.

In these scenarios, there is no way to be sure whether the accuser or the accused is actually the Imposter. Thus, the crew typically agrees to kill both players. By killing both players, the Crewmates guarantee they've killed an Imposter, at the cost of just one innocent Crewmate's life.


This seems like a pretty clear 50/50. Let's just kill 'em both and be done with it
A classic Among Us 50/50
A classic Among Us 50/50

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Updated February 18, 2021

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