What does marinating mean in Among Us?

Gaining a Crewmate's trust and then killing them

In Among Us, an Imposter who is marinating a Crewmate is attempting to gain that Crewmate's trust, so the Crewmate will vouch for the Imposter during eliminations. Imposters sometimes marinate a Crewmate in long games, in which there is time to both gain a Crewmate's trust in the early game and exploit that trust in the late game.

Specifically, an Imposter marinates a Crewmate by sticking close to that Crewmate during the early stages of a game. The best marinations involve an Imposter staging at least one scenario in which it would be easy to kill the Crewmate without any other Crewmates noticing, thereby "proving" the Imposter's innocence.

If an Imposter successfully marinates a Crewmate, that Crewmate will assert the Imposter's innocence and likely even vote with the Imposter during eliminations. The Imposter, of course, will also assert the Crewmate's innocence, further strengthening the deadly bond between marinator and marinatee.


Can't you see that Toast is just marinating you? He does it all the time!
Twitch streamer Disguised Toast once marinated AOC
Twitch streamer Disguised Toast once marinated AOC

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Updated December 30, 2020

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