Sussy Baka

What does sussy baka mean?

Suspicious fool

A sussy baka is a "suspicious fool." This slang term is a combination of the terms sus and baka. Like sus, sussy baka is most popular among those who play the video game Among Us.

In Among Us, players take on the role of either a Crewmate or an Imposter disguised as a Crewmate. The Crewmates must work together to complete tasks and eliminate the Imposters, while the Imposters try to kill all the Crewmates.

Players who act sus in Among Us are often accused of being Imposters. They may also be accused of being sussy bakas, especially if they perform telling actions that give away their Imposter status.

Who else uses sussy baka?

Manga and anime fans, who are already likely to use the word baka, may also use the phrase sussy baka. Outside of Among Us, you may encounter sussy baka on social media and in web forums, used by gamers, anime and manga fans, and anyone else who is hip with pop culture.


You sussy baka, I'm not falling for that again
TMW your friend is being a sussy baka
TMW your friend is being a sussy baka

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Updated March 31, 2022

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