What is l8rg8r short for?

Later, gator

L8rg8r (later, gator) is an informal phrase Americans use to say goodbye. Whoever sent you l8rg8r is saying farewell for now but plans to CUL8R (see you later).

Where does l8rg8r come from?

The phrase "see you later, alligator" and the response "after a while, crocodile" became popular among American teenagers in the 1950s. Songwriter Bobby Charles transformed the phrases into a song called See You Later, Alligator, which was most famously performed by Bill Haley & His Comets.

How should I respond to l8rg8r?

The standard response to l8rg8r is "after a while, crocodile," which you can abbreviate as AAWC. If you send this response, you're acknowledging that you plan to speak with the person who sent you l8rg8r again soon.


G2g, ttyl
OK, l8rg8r

L8rg8r means "later, gator"

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Updated July 19, 2021

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