What does ADB mean to techies?

Android Debug Bridge

Android developers and super users use ADB to stand for Android Debug Bridge. ADB is a command-line tool that allows users to communicate with Android devices (such as smartphones and tablets) from a PC. It's included with Android Studio, the primary program developers use to develop and deploy Android apps.

Typical Android users will never encounter or need to use ADB. However, ADB can be useful for sideloading apps acquired outside the Google Play store and creating backups of the data and apps stored on your device. If you're not very technologically literate, you can ask your favorite techie to help you use ADB correctly.


I regularly back up my Android data using ADB. Don't you?
A discussion of ADB in the r/Android subreddit
A discussion of ADB in the r/Android subreddit

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Updated June 16, 2022

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