What does DIAF stand for?

Die in a fire

When you really don't like someone or something, you may wish that it would DIAF, which stands for "die in a fire." People may also use it sarcastically to jokingly tell people to shut up or mind their own business.

Where does DIAF come from?

The origins of "DIAF" are unclear, but it gained popularity in texts and online in the early-2000s to wish a terrible death on others, usually trolls. It has persisted through the years in various corners of the web, like social sites, especially on Twitter, forums, and online games.

When would you use DIAF?

Whenever you are angry at someone or something you may use DIAF. You can text it, but you will most likely send it online during an argument or online game, or when posting about something you really dislike. Some examples including when disagreeing about politics on Twitter or after getting beaten by a jerk in League of Legends (LoL).


Man ur terrible at that game! Haha!
DIAF tweet
DIAF tweet

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Updated April 1, 2021

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