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1. What is agi short for in gaming?


Gamers often use agi as shorthand for agility. Typically, gamers use this abbreviation when discussing a character's agility stat - which influences the character's ability to attack and dodge.

For example, in World of Warcraft (WoW), characters with greater agi have a greater chance of scoring a critical hit and dodging attacks. Additionally, rogues, warriors, hunters, shamans, and druids all gain attack power (AP) based on their agi.


My agi's not high enough to use that weapon
Well, better go level up

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Updated October 3, 2023
2. What does Agi stand for?

Adjusted gross income

An acronym that represents a person's total gross income minus all qualified deductions.

AGI is used by the IRS to tell if an individual is eligible for certain tax benefits. The lower a taxpayer's AGI, the more tax benefits he will be qualified for, which makes for less taxes that need to be paid.


My tax guy helped me get my AGI down so I could qualify for more tax benefits

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Updated December 31, 2014

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