What does LIFO stand for?

Last in, first out

Techies, gamers, and others use LIFO to stand for "last in, first out." LIFO is a method of processing and disposing of items in a queue. When using LIFO to process items in a queue, the last item to enter the queue is the first item to leave the queue.

For example, in Magic: The Gathering, the stack (the zone in which spells and abilities are put when played) resolves in a LIFO fashion - meaning the last spell or ability to enter the stack is the first to leave it and resolve. This allows MTG players to respond to each other's plays, with the last response resolving (and affecting the game) first.


Can someone help me debug this LIFO data structure?
An accountant asking about others' use of LIFO on Reddit
An accountant asking about others' use of LIFO on Reddit

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Updated September 12, 2023

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