What does allg mean in messages?

All good

Allg is another way to say that everything is well, whether it be how someone is feeling, how a device is functioning, etc. People often use it when messaging, whether online (e.g., social media DMs) or in texts, but they may also use it in online forums, in video platform comment sections, when gaming, etc.

For example, your friend might ask you how you are doing after discovering you broke up, and you respond, "its allg. we've been drifting apart for a while now." Or, you may ask your co-worker if they got the network back up, and they reply, "we got it back up 10 mintues ago. allg!"

People may also use it as a substitute for NP in reply to someone's apology. For example, if your brother apologizes for his baby prematurely ending your video call, you might message back, "allg! give him a kiss for me. :)"


i swear i thought you were out of town. im sorry you didn't get an invite
You'll often see allg in messages
You'll often see allg in messages

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Updated October 31, 2023

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