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1. What does cold mean?


Cold is a slang term that describes a person or action that is "mean," or "heartless." It comes from "cold-hearted," which describes people who seemingly have no compassion.

The term is typically used to react to someone who does something that is more than just mean because it seems like it was deliberately done to cause harm. An example of a person being "cold" is when a woman leads a guy on just to publicly humiliate him with a rejection when he asks her out on a date. Cold may be used by people of all ages, from teenagers to adults.

The term may also be used by teenagers as a variation of "cool." This is most often said to describe something that is so cold-hearted that it is awesome, like when a player hits a game-winning shot.


I can't believe you didn't give him a quarter for the parking meter
What, I'm not a charity!
Wow, you're cold

When you hear something cold

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Updated September 11, 2019
2. What does cold mean?


Cold is a slang term often used by teenagers and young adults to describe a person, action, or some type of object that is "awesome" or "cool." It may be used in a variety of contexts, but is seen or heard most commonly in sports and fashion.

When used in sports it refers to something really cool like a diving touchdown or bicycle kick in soccer. It is a variation of "cold-hearted" and "cold-blooded," which is a good thing in competition when you want to beat your opponent really badly.

It is also used in other contexts, like fashion, as a hipper version of "Fire," which became popular in 2016. This version of "Cold" became widely used online in 2018.

The term may also be used to describe someone or an action that is "heartless" or "mean."


Wow, that shot by Kawhi was cold!

When you hit that cold shot

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Updated September 11, 2019

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