What is b/w short for?


B/w is short for "between," and is used to describe something that is surrounded by one or more other things. It may be used in real life, like when writing a note for someone, or online, like in a chat forum or email.

Instances when "b/w" is used include when talking about two or more things or the location of something that is surrounded by other things on either side of it. Be aware that if you send "b/w" to someone, she may mistake it for "Black and white" in regards to the picture quality of a television screen, TV shows or movies (for really old people), or photographs.

The abbreviation may be utilized by people of all ages, from teenagers to adults. It is typically used in casual conversations, but may also be utilized in professional environments, like in work emails or between IT professionals.


I'm trying to decide b/w Harvard and Yale

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Updated October 26, 2020

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