Backdoor Brag

What is a backdoor brag?

An action meant to solicit admiration from others

A backdoor brag is an action, such as a statement or a social media post, a person makes about themself to receive admiration from others. People typically use it to impress others or are desperate to receive affirmation for their actions.

For example, if your brother is really proud of his work on his car, he might tell you, "Isn't she running great? It wasn't running at all when I bought it." Or, your partner may remark, "Isn't this new recipe great? I like the addition of peppers I made to it."

People, especially influencers, commonly post backdoor brags on social media. For example, a baking influencer may post a photo of a fantastic cake she made while commenting that she was taking care of 4 children simultaneously.

A backdoor brag is the same as a humblebrag. The "backdoor" part of the name is meant to imply sneakiness and passiveness. You may also see people use backdoor brag as a verb.


Did you see how she slipped a backdoor brag in there to direct the conversation back to herself?
Yeah. She's really proud of how well-behaved her cats are
Backdoor brag claim on Twitter
Backdoor brag claim on Twitter

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Updated May 2, 2023

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