What does beamed mean in Roblox?

Having limited edition items stolen

A Roblox player who has been beamed has had limited edition items stolen from their account. Beamers steal limited edition items in hopes of reselling them, to earn illicit Robux.

How to avoid getting beamed in Roblox

There are a few common methods Roblox players use to beam other players. One is sending other players a JavaScript link that, when clicked, records the players' Roblox cookie and account information. Another is sending other players gifts of free Robux, and then contacting support to claim the account that redeemed the Robux is theirs.

To avoid getting beamed:

  • Don't click suspicious Roblox links
  • Don't install suspicious applications or extensions
  • Don't give other players any files they request from your game
  • Don't conduct suspicious trades
  • Don't accept free Robux from other players


My cousin got beamed again; I told him not to take those free Robux
A Roblox player discussing beaming on Reddit
A Roblox player discussing beaming on Reddit

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Updated October 25, 2021

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