What does comped mean in Roblox?


A Roblox player whose account has been comped is likely very unhappy. That's because Roblox players use comped to stand for "compromised" or "hacked."

When a Roblox player comps another player's account, they gain full access to that account. That means the hacker can spend the hacked player's Robux, trade away the player's items (often beaming the items to themselves), and get up to all kinds of other shenanigans.

How to avoid getting comped in Roblox

To avoid getting comped, you should never run scripts, apps, or loggers you receive from other Roblox players, unless you trust the other player completely. You should also never send anyone any information about your account, such as your account password. If your account has already been comped, you should contact Roblox support, who may be able to kick out your hacker and restore your account.


I got comped after sending this guy on Discord a HAR file ... I didn't realize that could happen!
A Roblox player whose account got comped
A Roblox player whose account got comped

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Updated October 25, 2021

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