What does bidness mean?


Bidness is a spelling variation of "business" people may use when referring to personal affairs (and sometimes, actual business). It is an AAVE term you might see or hear in various contexts, including online, in messages, and in person.

For example, if your friend is getting nosy when asking about your date, you might playfully reply, "none of ur bidness, gurl!" Or, you might message your friend, "I'm not a bidness man, I'm a bidness, man!"

You might also see or hear people use bidness in the "standing on bidness" phrase, which is another way to say "taking care of business." For example, if your favorite NBA player dominates the game, you might say, "Ant is standing on bidness tonight!"


her outfit is straight fire!
bet. she means bidness tonight
Reddit post about bad bidness
Reddit post about bad bidness

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Updated November 15, 2023

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