Standing On Bidness

What does standing on bidness mean?

Taking care of business

Standing on bidness is another way to say that a person did something really well (similar to slay and ate that. For example, they may have dominated a game, completed a compelling presentation at work, or made a ton of money off investments.

You might hear or see people use the AAVE phrase in person, in messages, and on social sites like TikTok or X (formerly Twitter). For example, a person may post a video of a celebrity acting like a baller and caption it with, "this man is standing on bidness!!" People may also say or type "stand on bidness" or "stood on bidness."

Origin of standing on bidness

It is unclear who coined the "standing on bidness" phrase, but it dates back to the mid-2010s on Twitter (now known as "X"). The hip-hop and rap community helped popularize it and make it a trending phrase on social media in October 2023.


did you hear about shonya's new gig?
so jellz! she is standing on bidness!
Paot about Anthony Davis standing on bidness
Paot about Anthony Davis standing on bidness

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Updated November 15, 2023

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