What does BIOYA stand for in messages?

Blow it out your a**


BIOYA is a censored acronym that people typically use in online messages and texts. They may use it to tell someone to go away or encourage someone to make something up (the context in which a person uses BIOYA will help you understand the intention).

For example, if you are arguing with someone online and they message you, "BIOYA," they are telling you to go away. Other acronyms that share this same sentiment include GALMA, GFY, STHU, and GL (get lost).

Conversely, if your friend encourages you via text to talk to the hottie at the bar and you counter that you don't know what to say, they might respond with, "Just BIOYA. :-)" In this context, BIOYA is similar to saying "wing it."


If you don't know exactly what to say, just BIOYA
But I'm terrible at making stuff up!
You'll figure something out
Angry BIOYA tweet
Angry BIOYA tweet

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Updated October 3, 2022

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