What is a blaccent?

Black accent

Blaccent is an accent that is supposed to sound like a Black person speaking. It mimics the manner of speech spoken by some young Black people in poorer urban communities.

Using a blaccent is generally frowned upon, partially because it simplifies the intricacies of various dialects of an entire ethnicity into one accent. It is also unflattering because it involves broken English and poor grammar.

Even though it is received poorly, some people still attempt to use blaccents, whether it be to sound cool or denigrate Black people. Offenders include comedians, actors, musicians, and the average, naive person, and they are often outed online and criticized on social sites like Twitter.


A vid surfaced of her using a blaccent and she is getting ripped apart online
Tweet criticizing the use of blaccent
Tweet criticizing the use of blaccent

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Updated August 2, 2021

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