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1. What does BL stand for?

Buddy list

BL is an acronym for buddy list, which is the list of friends stored in someone's instant messaging program, such as AIM. The list is usually contained in a small window and lists your total number of buddies and which ones are online and available to chat.

The BL acronym was more commonly used when AIM was at the height of its popularity back in the 2000s when teenagers used the IM for communicating with friends. However, as smartphones became more common for communicating with friends the IM and the BL acronym have decreased significantly in popularity.


How many ppl do you currently have saved in your BL?
AIM login on the left and buddy list on the right
AIM login on the left and buddy list on the right

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Updated January 23, 2017
2. What does BL stand for?

Belly laughing

BL stands for "belly laughing," which is a way to say that you are laughing really hard. It refers to that laugh that comes from deep inside of you and shakes your torso.

The acronym is a more intense version of the popular LOL acronym and reserved for very funny occurrences. It's not used much since it is overshadowed by the LMAO and ROFL acronyms.

Since it is kind of obscure, you may confuse recipients if they are not up on their slang. So you may just want to use LOL, LMAO, or ROFL.


I just ran into a glass door! BL!

That BL feeling

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Updated October 27, 2020

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