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1. What is vid short for?


Vid is short for video. Kewl kids may use this abbreviation while discussing the latest videos from YouTube, TikTok, or other sources.

For example, a T Swift fan may ask whether you've seen the singer's latest vid - which likely refers to her latest music video (though it could also be a reference to Tay Tay's latest TikTok post). Or, if you're going on vacation, your friend might ask you to send them a vid when you get a chance - meaning they want you to send them a video from your destination.


You catch the latest Manitowoc Minute vid?
Yah, it was hilarious
Vid means video
Vid means video

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Updated October 11, 2022
2. What is vid short for?


Vid, or "The Vid," is an abbreviation for "COVID-19," a disease that spread throughout the world at the end of 2019 into the spring of 2020. You will most likely see the abbreviation online on social media, but you may also hear it spoken in person.

Before spring 2020, most people understood "vid" as an abbreviation for "video." However, as covid spread in March 2020 and health guidelines were put in place, people, especially teenagers and young adults, began simplifying covid as vid.

To be clear, "vid" is not an official abbreviation used by medical experts. Instead, it is only used in informal contexts, typically when joking about the virus.

Even though "vid" is primarily uttered jokingly, it altered the world, mostly negatively. So be judicious when using vid because people may see it as disrespectful.


My mom got the vid so now we're quarantining for 2 weeks

3D model of the vid

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Updated September 22, 2021

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