What does bluepilled mean?

Unquestioning of conventional beliefs

To be bluepilled means to be ignorant of unpleasant truths and realities. This term is typically used in contrast to redpilled; both terms are inspired by The Matrix.

Origin of bluepilled

In The Matrix, protagonist Neo is offered a choice between continuing to live his life as is or "waking up" to the true state of reality. These choices are represented by a blue pill (continued ignorance) and a red pill (learning the truth).

Many The Matrix fans latched on to this scene and the dichotomy it presented. As a result, fans coined the terms redpilled and bluepilled, and began using them to describe people who understand the true state of reality (redpilled) or remain ignorant of the truth (bluepilled).

Bluepilled and the alt-right

In the early 2000s, men's rights activists (MRAs), white supremacists, and other alt-right groups began using the term redpilled to describe their fringe understanding of society. In these groups' minds, anyone who does not agree with their view of society is bluepilled.


The world has problems, but I think we're doing alright all things considered
Psh, you're just a bluepilled sheep
A use of bluepilled on Reddit
A use of bluepilled on Reddit

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Updated December 14, 2023

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