Bogey Golf

What does bogey golf mean?

Level of golf play that equals 1 shot over par

Bogey golf refers to a bogey level of play on a golf course. It would equal to around 90 shots on a par 72 course, which means that the golfer would average a bogey (1 shot over par) on every hole.

Bogey golf is pretty good golf since it can be difficult to break 100 for many golfers. The term may also appear as "bogey golfer" to label a golfer who consistently shoots 1 over par. Other scores in golf include eagle (2 under par), birdie (1 under par), and double bogey (2 over par).


You have fun today?
Yeah, we played a lot of bogey golf but still had fun
Wario making a bogey
Wario making a bogey

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Updated September 29, 2016

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