Bot Mafia

What is the bot mafia in World of Warcraft Classic?

A legion of automated World of Warcraft characters

In World of Warcraft and other online games, automated player characters (PCs) are called bots. World of Warcraft Classic's bot mafia is a coordinated group of bots that are programmed to snatch up rare in-game resources. This allows the bots' creators to corner the market on high-level items and sell them to other players at exorbitant prices.

The bot mafia has been a problem since WoW Classic launched in 2019. Specifically, the bot mafia is notorious for controlling the market for Black Lotuses, an in-game item that spawns infrequently at only a handful of pre-set locations. To combat this problem, WoW Classic's publisher, Blizzard Entertainment, increased the frequency at which Black Lotuses appear in the game.

This solution (at least initially) lowered the Black Lotus's price, but the bot mafia still exists in WoW Classic. Players with dozens of bot accounts still control certain areas of the game, antagonize other players, monopolize rare items, and distort WoW Classic's economy and gameplay.


The bot mafia keeps grabbing all the Black Loti as soon as they spawn. You can't get one anywhere!

"But Black Lotuses, that's a dirty business."

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Updated September 18, 2020

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