What do PS3 owners use YLoD to mean?

Yellow Light of Death

PlayStation 3 (PS3) owners use the acronym YLoD to refer to the Yellow Light of Death - a signal that the console has encountered a major system error. The YLoD appears when you try to turn on a broken PS3, as part of the following sequence:

  1. The console's power light turns green or blue for roughly 1.5 seconds, and (usually) the console's fan begins turning.
  2. The fan quits, and the console's light briefly turns yellow.
  3. The console beeps three times, and its light begins blinking red.

At this point, you should turn off your PS3 and start searching for information about how to repair it. Usually, the YLoD is caused by a motherboard failure, resulting from capacitors degrading over time. (These failures are more common in original model PS3s, which use NEC/Tokin capacitors.) You (or your favorite techie) can replace these capacitors to resurrect your PS3.


My PS3's got the YLoD ... again. Maybe it's time to let it die
A PS3 owner who has encountered the YLoD
A PS3 owner who has encountered the YLoD

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Updated April 1, 2022

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