What are feds in the U.S.?

Federal agents

Feds are "federal agents," typically Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents. However, the feds may also be from federal agencies like the CIA, DEA, and NSA.

Hopefully, you will never run into the feds since they typically investigate organized crime rings, terrorists, and cyber criminals. Unless you are involved in one of these matters, you will likely only hear or see the feds in movies, shows, and the news. For example, a movie or news story may document a massive drug bust by the feds.

While many people use feds to simply refer to agents for the federal government, some may intend it to be derogatory. People who mean it to be an insult may intensely dislike the government (and anyone who works for it) or might be involved in criminal activities.

Feds in countries other than the U.S.

Most people that use feds are in the U.S. since the agents primarily deal with internal matters. However, other countries, such as Canada and England, may also use the abbreviation to refer to their government agencies or police officers.


I hope he doesn't get in trouble with the feds
If he is on the feds' radar, you need to dump his sorry behind

Words you don't want to hear from the feds

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Updated April 19, 2023

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