What does BTSOOM stand for?

Beats the s*** out of me


BTSOOM stands for "beats the s*** out of me." When you ask someone a question that they really, truly do not know or understand the answer to, they might respond with BTSOOM.

"Beats the s*** out of me" is an idiom that means "I really don't know." It's meant to convey the image of a question pummeling the speaker into submission, because they do not know (or cannot accept) its answer. Topics that BTSOOM include:

  • Why kitchen appliances need to be "smart"
  • Why it's cool to not pay taxes
  • Why people watch Will & Grace
  • Why American college football players don't get paid

Because this acronym is slightly crass, you're best-off using it with people who wouldn't judge you if you said the word "s***" aloud. For example, you may not want to tell your boss or co-workers that something BTSOOU.


BTSOOM how people can still care about pro sports, given everything going on in the world today

A typical BTSOOM reaction

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Updated October 22, 2020

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