What does BTWITILY stand for in messages?

By the way, I think I love you

BTWITILY is a combination of BTW and ILY that people may use when the recipient isn't aware that the message sender loves them. For example, you may text the gf you've been dating for two months, "I had so much fun tonight! BTWITILY. :)"

While BTWITILY is helpful for those struggling with anxiety about expressing their love for someone, the acronym is probably not the best option since it's very obscure and will likely lead to confusion. Also, the "I think" bit is not so reassuring to the recipient, which may lead to an unfavorable response.


I sent you some flowers today, and BTWITILY
I think ILY2. :)
Confession about the confusion BTWITILY may lead to
Confession about the confusion BTWITILY may lead to

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Updated September 27, 2023

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